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Fort Leonard Wood Streambank Stabilization

Location: Fort Leonard Wood Army Installation, Pulaski County, Missouri
Client: USACE Kansas City District
Project Description

Through our Preplaced Remedial Action Contract (PRAC) with the USACE Kansas City District, CTI was awarded Task Order 0002 for emergency streambank repairs at the Fort Leonard Wood (FLW) Army Installation. This project included emergency restoration of adjacent streambanks and in-stream structures that were damaged due to recent flash flooding events along the five FLW-012 Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) landfills.

“The quality of work received high remarks from the Fort Leonard Wood Environmental DPW and Army Environmental Command. A post design analysis completed by the Kansas City District demonstrated that the work completed by CTI provided protection for a 200 year storm event and that no follow-up efforts would be needed. CTI has my highest recommendation for future stream bank stabilization and sediment and erosion control projects.”

Kale Horton, USACE Kansas City District

With quick start-up mobilization necessary, CTI developed Work Plan Documents including the Site Safety and Health Plan (SSHP), the Contractor Quality Control Plan (CQCP) and pre-construction deliverables for submittal and approval. Material suppliers were promptly identified with the required product testing completed, submitted and approved to meet USACE specifications and allow on-time delivery to match the aggressive project schedule.

Project Highlights:

  • Clearing, grubbing and stripping
  • Soil material handling and hauling
  • River channel excavation and grading
  • Site grading and drainage improvements
  • Stream embankment levee repairs
  • Soil compaction
  • Rip rap riverbank slope armoring
  • Gravel surfacing
  • Site restoration, landscaping and establishment of turf
  • Live willow stake plantings

Leveraging our long standing relationship with a nationally recognized heavy equipment vendor, CTI was able to quickly mobilize and commence the streambank repairs. Working within a 3,000 LF reach of the streambed, the field work included reshaping existing streambank slopes, shoring and protecting 60-inch CMP culverts, repairing scour holes, importing and placing cohesive soils over the exposed landfill waste areas, installing geotextile fabric, importing, handling and placing over 2,000 tons of 100-lb to 400-lb rip rap for slope stabilization.

A total of 46 rock spur dikes were repaired and reconstructed within the streambed for water current diversion. Over 500 live willow stakes were installed to enhance slope stabilization measures and full site restoration included streambed grading and turf establishment of disturbed landfill areas.

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