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K-732 Switchyard Demolition and Remediation

Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Client: Department of Energy (DOE) EMCBC
Project Description

The K-732 Switchyard Project, Oak Ridge, TN includes the demolition and asset recovery of a Manhattan Project vintage 5-acre electrical switchyard, a comprehensive site characterization to determine the type and extent of soil and concrete contamination, the remediation of soil and concrete to meet DOE cleanup requirements, and the restoration of the site for future use as a modernized switchyard. The objective of the project is to support the reindustrialization of the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) site.

To date, approximately 500 tons of assets (copper and steel) have been removed and processed. The value of these assets will decrease the total cost of the project to the DOE. The D&D phase is currently 90% complete with the following major activities complete:

 DOE approval of all planning, safety, waste management, transportation, and quality documents and deliverables. Work has been accomplished without incident with over 7,000 man-hours completed safely.

  • Completion of a comprehensive site radiation survey of all equipment to be demolished and removed, and waste characterization of materials for disposal.
  • Draining, shipment, and disposal of over 57,000 gallons of PCB contaminated oils from equipment.
  • Safe and compliant removal of asbestos insulation and cement-asbestos board from equipment and buildings located throughout the site.
  • Equipment dismantled/removed includes 4 large power transformers, 36 oil circuit breakers, 22 smaller transformers, and 5 oil storage tanks.
  • Site infrastructure demolished includes support towers, 2 fire suppression system valve houses, oil pump house, bus works, disconnect switches, and static line towers.
  • The removal of 3 synchronous condensers to the Y-12 site for disposal. Each condenser weighs approximately 125 tons requiring the use of a specialized subcontractor for loading, transport, and unloading at the site. A special waste permit was received for this major activity.
  • The removal and recovery of underground copper wiring that traversed the area of the Switchyard footprint.

 All major phases of the project are to be completed within 18 months. As Prime contractor, CTI interfaces routinely with DOE representatives, UCOR (DOE’s ETTP Environmental Management Prime Contractor), the City of Oak Ridge, and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). CTI was responsible for subcontractor management including asbestos abatement, waste removal and disposal, asset recovery, equipment suppliers, and specialty transportation firms. Daily plan of the day meetings were held to safely coordinate the integration of work to be performed.

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