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Remedial Process Optimization and Green Remediation Design

Location: Dayton, Ohio
Client: Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB)
Project Description

CTI worked with the Wright Patterson AFB Project Manager and the Prime Contractor to reduce remediation lifecycle costs for an active groundwater remediation system at Wright Patterson AFB and continue to protect the down gradient City of Dayton Municipal Well Field. Our Remedial Process Optimization (RPO) objective was to provide recommendations to improve system effectiveness and efficiency, ensure protection of human health and the environment, reduce annual O&M costs, and develop a viable, lowest cost site closure strategy. The focused RPO included a comprehensive review of historical site documents; site visits by CTI process engineers to evaluate the operation, maintenance, and performance; review of groundwater flow hydraulics; contaminant concentration trend evaluation; and an extraction well capture performance evaluation. The RPO Report included 18 recommendations to improve remedy effectiveness, reduce costs, and optimize the site closure/exit strategy.

CTI implemented the RPO recommendation to perform a detailed extraction well capture zone study, groundwater modeling to verify system capture, and address several groundwater monitoring program recommendations. Findings from the study indicated the extraction well capture zone was inadequate, contained recommendations for off-site plume characterization, and increased the Client’s understanding and sensitivity of extraction well performance.

A Feasibility Study was then completed to evaluate potential remediation system replacement options for the low level groundwater chlorinated VOCs including a Green Sustainable Remediation (GSR) water feature comprised of cascade air stripping via waterfalls and a time-retention pond. The GSR water feature was selected as the preferred replacement alternative based on low O&M cost, increased groundwater extraction capacity, and wildlife habitat improvements to the surrounding lakes. CTI presented recommendations to WPAFB personnel and regulatory agencies for replacement of the GWTS with the innovative GSR water feature FS alternative. Upon approval by the Agencies, CTI completed a 60% remedial design for the GSR water feature.

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